Marc Funk’s Board Refurbishment with Custom Graphics

Marc came to me with great concern.  His wife bought a used board that he was worried about.  It had a lot of damage and just wasn’t what he imagined for his wife.  He wanted something much better!  So he secretly brought the board to me a month before New Years and we developed a plan to not only bring the board back to a functional state but to create some killer art on it that would reflect his wife’s interests and become a personal expression for her.  He told me she loved the Kokopelli imagery from the Southwest U.S., turtles, and running!  So I came up with an image to put on the deck of her board that would evoke each of those areas.  I turned the Kokopelli into a female runner and placed her inside the turtle.  I managed to get it all done in time for their New Year’s Eve vacation!  We were all super happy the the end result!  Click here to check it out on Facebook.


December 28, 2015


Art, Repair