Fennel’s 2015 12’6″ Raceboard

This is my 2015 12’6” x 26” board that I built in collaboration with Patrick Broemmel.  I wanted Carribean blue water flowing over my board and I chose to create this effect using pigment mixed in with the resin when we laminated the board.  I also wanted it to pop so I mixed up the melon yellow orange color on the tail end of the board.  I also added paint pen art on the underside just opposite on the orange splash.  I really like how this turned out since it is highly visible at the races when I have my board turned over.  It is really fun to see people’s reaction to it.  This is another Mandala style art project.  It is not preconceived but is implemented as I progress through the art.  I call it Mandala Sunburst.


August 21, 2015


Art, Custom Build