Care tips for New SUP owners

You just bought your first Standup Paddleboard!  Congratulations!  It is an amazing investment in yourself or loved one that will bring you many years of joy and freedom on the water.  It is important to understand how to properly care for your paddleboard to keep it watertight and functioning so you can hit the water anytime you wish!  That being said, I have put together a few tips for you to follow.  

6 Tips for New SUP owners

1. Buy a board bag!  This is really important!  Look for one that fits your board well. Vitamin Blue makes custom board bags that seamlessly conform so you don’t get the annoying flapping my friend Dottie refers to as ‘gator belly’.

2. Be gentle with your rack straps!  Yes you need to make sure your board is secure on your rack but do not overtighten!  Overtightening can cause pressure dings or cracks.

3. Be careful when loading and unloading your board to avoid banging the board into hard objects or worse, dropping the board! The best way is to have two people place the board on top of the vehicle, one at the nose and one at the tail.

4. Be aware of objects in the water that could damage your board, especially rocks!

5. Inspect your board each time you get off the water to make sure you don’t have any dings that could let water into your board, if you do, give me a shout!

6. Finally, don’t leave your board in the sun for extended periods of time off of the water and always keep it in a board bag while traveling.

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